Preventive Maintenance

Unfortunately, the vast majority of roofs fall victim to the rule: out of sight, out of mind! Failing to check up on your roof on a regular basis for minor problems can quickly lead to premature roof failure and majorly destructive leaks. At Pritts Roofing Incorporated, we pride ourselves on attention to detail, thoroughly examining each roof we have the pleasure of working on, taking every possible measure of preventive roof maintenance  to ensure you quality that lasts.

If water makes its way under a roof, the moisture will get trapped, causing mildew and mold, which may eventually deem an entire building uninhabitable. In order to prevent any major and irreversible damage from happening, it is critical that building owners make sure they have a preventive roof maintenance program in place. Not only will such a program reduce the amount of time and money put into emergency roof repairs, but also it will inevitably free up capital for other expenses seeing as you will save greatly in roof-related costs. Preventive maintenance will also increase the life expectancy of your roof, sometimes up to 50%.

In addition to providing regular inspections, we offer several other routine services as part of our preventive roof maintenance program.

  • We will clear debris from the surface of the roof, disposing of it properly.
  • We clean out gutters, waterways, and drains thoroughly.
  • We provide quick and essential repairs, including cutting and patching blisters on the roof, reattachment, and sealing.
  • We will provide surveys, including written reports, photographs, and professional recommendations based on visual inspections.

Of course, the specific tasks performed will be based on the condition of your roof. If the roof needs more extensive care, we are happy to provide more long-term services as well. Remember – no task is too big or too small. We can customize any preventive plan to best suit you. Call us today for a completely free quote on a preventive roof maintenance program that will best suit the needs of your specific building.