Aside from reasons that are purely aesthetic, there are several reasons why you may want re-roofing for your building. Here in Southern Florida, it is not uncommon for the severe weather patterns to damage roofing materials long before their warranty is up. It is also not uncommon for a roof to be replaced based on age alone, as even the best tile roofing materials on the market only have a warranty of between 20 and 30 years. Either way, failing to re-roof your building once the roof becomes more vulnerable to damage and leaking can result in collateral damage that will affect much more than merely the roof itself!

At Pritts Roofing Maintenance, our area of expertise is flat, gravel roofing and re-roofing. Flat roofs have been around for centuries and serve many important purposes that sloped roofs cannot. Flat roofs provide living areas – they can serve as an ideal spot for sunbathing or setting up patio furniture and enjoying a nice picnic outside. Because many flat roofs experience extraneous wear-and-tear, they tend to be more susceptible to minor damages that may increase vulnerability to major impairments.

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