A roof is, without question, the most instrumental and complex part of a building’s entire exterior – especially in Southern Florida, where harsh and extreme weather patterns and severe fluctuations in temperature are nothing short of expected. All of the components that make up a fully functional roofing system are essential – and we are experts in everything from insulation to roof top projections.

Roofs happen to have many more functions than the obvious, making them a far more valuable part of the house than many even know. While the main purpose of every roof is to protect those inside the building from climactic elements, the insulation used within the roof will make a major difference in how it is constructed and what materials are used. Another major purpose of every roof is to keep water from entering the building, a task that is usually accomplished with the installation of a detailed drainage system.

No matter what size or shape, we have the knowledge necessary to install an efficient drainage system on any roof that comes our way. Give Pritts Roofing and Maintenance a call today for a free consultation.